Event BMX 1O1 is a BMX workshop organize by Kayuh BMX. An event that teaches you all about extreme sports BMX. From history to skills.

They used Kotak Hitam outdoor space with the BMX ramp to teach the participants skills and demonstration.

Rockorona Fest 2020 by Kentang Hijau Production is a concert held in Kotak Hitam. The biggest event in 2020 that we handle. Using outdoor and indoor space for the event. As you can see picture below is a setup for the outdoor. Registration tent before entering the venue, led screen at the gate, a booth for the sponsors and seller. Seat for the crowd for watching it outside.

At the corner of the venue, we put a LED screen as a gate to the food court for Rockorona Fest 2020

The stage setup for Rockorona fest 2020.

Setup for a corporate event launching Todak Motorsport that needs a stage and full of banquet chair.

Todak Motorsport launching ceremony background banner for photobooth session outside Kotak Hitam requested by the client.

We also install a big tent at the side of Kotak Hitam for the Todak Motorsport launching ceremony.

We also have recording room called “Live Room” you can record your song by our equipment or do live jamming session.

Live jamming record for Sab2nite live by ERA record their content with our live room. We have full equipment from recording to jamming.

Todak Extreme x Jom Battle is an event organizes by Todak himself. The setup of this event is a stage which the judges can judging the competitor battling on the dance floor. The dance floor also requested by Todak and we provide them. This event is a live streaming event which is live on Youtube and Facebook setup by our team.

Our space can fit from 50 to 300 pax depends on event setup.

Muzik-Muzik 35 openstage is a singing competition organizes by TV3 and event space by us Kotak Hitam Space. With heavy setup such as stage, drum set, heavy lighting, big cameras. We can provide for them what they need for their event.

As you see picture below, the winners for the competition stand on the stage that provide by us, Kotak Hitam Space.